Color of the month

Color of the month


Red is our passion color and lots of times we forget our passion. In the rat race we are running we often leave our passion behind and it’s replaced with stress. When I start my sessions I usually focus on 3 colors. Green for hope, yellow for forgiveness and red for passion.

I give my clients a blank canvas, red paint and a toy that represent fun. The toy I have the most success with is a plastic dog on a skateboard. Then I ask them to paint the word passion.The 1st question is always, were is the paint brush. But this activity is done with fingers, suddenly the client is a child again. Being taken back to childhood suddenly the barriers that cloud our mind and creativety are released. Our passion is also easier identified.

Some more  tributes of the color red. Red is vibrant, power, self-confidence, sensual and stimulating.

When you think of red gemstones the Ruby pops up. In mideval times it was fought rubies warded of the plague. In crystal therapy it’s said rubies amplify energy.

So today I want to challenge you to find your passion.

Happy painting.

PS I couldn’t resist adding a photo of Daisy and me doing the 5 km park run. Daisy has her favourite red dress on.







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