My favourite color yellow

My favourite color yellow is Saffron yellow. When I saw the painting flaming June by Fredric Leightons I fell inlove with the color.

Yellow meaning and trades noble, spiritual truth, warmth, selflessness, courage, glowing, joy, fun, self sufficincy and pleasure seeking.

My second favourite yellow is corn yellow. When I think of this color I see cornfields on a sunny day in South Africa and Vincent van Gogh yellow sunflowers.

People who love this color tend to be innovative thinkers. They are happy being alone. They might even scare other people because they don’t conform. They are creative but lack the will power to finish a job.

Last thing about yellow it’s an action color. While I am writing this my eye caught a Banting diet advert my sister brought home. The heading was in bold yellow and it says Lose it. Cabs in the USA are yellow for the reason of easy identification. Lots of art material are packaged in yellow-as a call for action. My yellow pencils and paints are always depleted 1st.

Well I hope you enjoyed the yellow brick road with me today. Get out those yellow pencils  and paint something in vibrant yellow.img_20170117_135807

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