Art and healing

When I was young art was not seen as way to build a life.You had to have a career and it was defined as a nurse,teacher,laywer, accountant or pastor.

I once tried to break free but it was a disaster.I went back to a career were I saw people leaving and achieving success, I tried to comform studied got more academic qualifications. But I was not happy.Then a speedbump I was diagnosed with SLE and I realised I had to keep my head down and work.

A year ago I started playing with the idea to resign, I prayed  and begged God to give me a new direction. Then six moths ago I just took the leap without having a clear idea of what to do, of course the spark was a real bad day at the office

During the last six months I faced my fears, travelled, shark cage dived and deepend my relationship with God. I will not lie it is stressful, but for the 1st time in ages I am happy. I can now have long walks with my dog, paint, color adult coloring pages.I am emotionally healed after years of being sucked into work colleagues personal insecurities and problems.I read an article about useful idiots and realised that’s how the corporate world viewed me.

We are more than we appear to be, we have the worlds power and strength in us.Quote from the Alcamist.

I hope my story will inspire one person. There is life after a corporate world and you are valued.img_20170111_055859

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