The color green


When I think of green the 1st images that pops up for me is the Knysna Forest in South Africa and Namakwaland (Namakwalànd is a very dry part of South Africa and when it gets rain it’s transformed to green and fields with spots of color). The 2nd images that pops up is Henri Rousseau painting Tiger in the forest.

Trades of the color green hope,connection, productivity, stability, growth, endurance, life, safety, fertility and timeless.

Types of green Rainforest green, Moss green, Pine green, Olive green, Avocado and Caledone.

People drawn to green understand that true Happiness doesn’t come from things you can buy.It’s found in character, values, family, good friends, travel, creative exploration and good food.

I personally am in love with a color called Caledon it’s a color that is used in seascapes.

Don’t let the moss grow on you today, get those green brushes and paint something green today.

This ph9to was taken on my recent holiday at Mosselbay.img_20160929_152413




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