Color blue


When I think of the color blue ADVENTURE just pops up in my mind.Usually when I do someting on my bucket list I put on my favourite pair of jeans and drive somewhere and do something under the blue sky or in blue water. I alrady ziplinend in Magaliesburg, shark cage dived in Mosselbay, hiked in the mountains at Pilgrimsrest, did a art tour in Clarens.

I still want to do white riverrafting and hot air baloon flying.

Thinking about jeans. Can you imagen Bruce Springsteen singing Glory days in anything else than blue jeans? On the note of music here is a few songs with blue or jeans in title or lyrics.                 Baby’s got her blue jeans on.                                                                Blue eyes crying in the rain.                                                                  Blue sued shoes.                                                                                      California blue.                                                                                        Caribbean blue.                                                                                          Honeysuckleblue

      Trades of the color blue trust, calming, truth,tranquility, youthful,depth, power, sassy, engaging,compassion,openness,awarness and glowing.

Meaning of blue in different cultures:                                                  Astec blue is color of sacrifice.                                                              Mexico blue is color of mourning.                                                          Greece blue is color is believed to ward of the ” evil eye”.               India the god Krishna skin is depicted as having blue skin.           Christian culture Mary is dressed in blue robes The shade of her mantel is said to be a reference to the Ark of the Covenant, which in the Old Testament was covered in blue cloth.

Intresting fact about blue. The color was introduced to the White House by President Martin vanBuren in 1837 since then thete has been a blue room. Blue in a room increases productivity.

I like all hues of blue but if I am pressed I will choose Lapis Lazuli a deep blue gem its mined in Lazard and has been around for over 6000 years.

Well it’s time to get those blue art paint ,hit play on CD player with Elvis blue sued shoes and create blue paintings, sculptures or poetry.

I just had to add this images with my favourite pair of jeans at a local charity events for dogs.img_20170115_041814

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