The color grey

Good Morning

Grey is a neutral balanced color and the most versatile. I think grey is HOT. A new trend is to color your hair grey, for a long time we tried to hide our wisdom hair. No more.

Trades of grey: soothing, calming, strength, stability, inner strength and determination. If you like this color you have a clear sense of what you want out of life.

Grey is trusted by interior designers it’s used to anchor a room and pops of color are all9wed to shine.

Most popular colors used with grey is oranges, reds, deep golds and even cooler colors like deep blue and purple. My favourite color to pair with grey is pink.

My favourite grey’s are dove grey and steel grey.

Picasso used grey a lot in his paintings. The two that stands out the most for me are Marie-Therese (face and profile, oil and charoal on canvas 1931) and Woman in grey (1942).

We don’t realize how many times in a day we are confronted with this color. The road we drive, exposed cement in brick wall, mountains, the sky on a rainy day, the keys on my tablet ect. Just look around the space you are in now and I bet quickly you will have a list of 10 things.

The most important organ in our body is referred to as grey brain.




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