Aroma walks

Good morning

When 1st read about a aroma walk I was a sceptic but I have learned it’s a helpful tool in consultation sessions.

When I do the the green/hope session I use mint chocolate the smell helps the client to relax and create more intens art. Also every time in the future that they smell mint it reminds them of the pleasant experience and calms them. What works great here as well is having the client’s feet in mint aroma footbath if you have space.

During the yellow/forgiveness session I use sour sweets for the same reason. Always have some tissues nearby for the forgivness session.

During the red/ passion session I like to use smarties or milkshakes that realy gets the creative juices flowing. The smell and taste transfer people to happy times and they create art that unleash there true purpose.

Another walk I prefer to ad is a dog walk. Not a quick rushed walk because you have to. Nope a stroll really focus on the surrounding’s look at the color of leaves and flowers it will help with recreation in art sessions. We have a old saying stop and smell the rose’s, stop and smell more you will feel calmer.

Let’s get outdoors and be inspired by our surroundings. Let me get Daizys leach and be out the door.

Happy walk’s friends. 


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