Small steps to forgiveness

Good morning

The best art is done while we are confronting our fears, insecurities and forgiving ourselves.

Inner peace starts with forgiving ourselves for mistakes made, being wronged by others.

Loving ourselves are proberly the most important thing but we don’t, because we are trained to think it’s selfish. We also feel quilty when we make this shift and people close to us are angered by it because they think they will lose some attention. This dependency is a cruch that make other people feel impowerd and us feel like second class people.

While I did researche for my 1st art retreat I found this gentle meditation.                                                                                                   Take a minute at your meditation space and repeat the following May I be happy.                                                                                             May I be well.                                                                                                  May I be safe.                                                                                              May I be inspired.                                                                                             (This may feel acquard at first, but try it you will be surprised how relax you will feel).                                                                        Then shift your focus to people you love and repeat the phrases.  Then shift your focus to people you have tricky relationships with and repeat it again. During my sessions I stop here but in my personal life I take it wider example my Facebook friends.

I hope you will try this.


I hope you will be happy.                                                                               I hope you will be safe.                                                                                    I hope you will love yourself more.                                                          I hope you will be a great artist.                                                                  I hope you will be blessed.




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