Go out and do the things you are passionate about.

Last night I started this new colorpages, just after  I packed up the phone rang at 22H10 my cousin just had a heart attack and passed away. Christell use to tell me she loved to paint but she struggled to find time for her hobby. I told her, you must make time for yourself, if you don’t you disrespect yourself.

I dont know if she took my advise to hart. I hope she did.

When we meet again, we will have all the time in the world to create some art.

Me and my sister talked about her passing this morning , we both reinforced the idea that we should not keep putting the things we want to do on the back burner.

So go out and do the things you are passionate about. The housework, dust, dishes and boring things will still be there tomorrow.

Today’s blog I dedicate to my cousin Çhristelle Engelbrecht Viljoen,died age 52 1/2/2017.


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