Color of death and depression: Black

We loaf or love this color. Love because nothing inp9wers you like a black dress or black pearls. Loaf because it drags you to dark places. The worst dragger is death and depression.

Death and mourning magnify emotions, selfishness and regret a 100 times. Nobody’s pain are suddenly as important as our own. I recently read a quote ”  we cry at a funeral not for the person that died but for our own loss, because we gain responsibility”.

We lash out at friends and family when we mourn and if they dare to give advise, we respond by saying they are unsympathetic. They retreat and we are to ashamed to apologise and this lead to more isolation in our pain. You also get those family members, when you talk about your pain they always experienced it much worse.

I am going to a funeral in a few days. I will not be wearing black.   ( my mom nearly had a fit when I told her I will be wearing my red dress). The red dress is my way to say I am passionate about life and death will not drag my happines away.

I am going yo leave the funeral as soon as I can. Take Daizy ( my Jack  Russel) for a brisk walk. Indulge in some Black Forest cake, a strong cup of Java, a long shower, spray some (a lot)  of expensive parfume. The next day I will watch the sunrise. I will seek out the things that make me happy.

When I die I don’t care what they do or say. At least nobody will say I was a comformotist. What I will care about is the crowd in hevan celebrating my arrival.

Go now and do someting you like.Even better do something that scares you. Remember we own black and not the other way around.




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