What is in the box?

1486371580738Good evening

Nearly a month ago Mrs Trump walked to the White House with a blue box. Everyone wondered,  what was in the box. Speculation a photo frame, a tray ect.

Today I had to pack 3 sympathy gift boxes. My cousins funeral is in two days. I want to give one to her 72 year old mom, one to each of her children, they are teens.

First visit Pintrest browse through all the ideas. Then browse the internet for ideas. Last but not least go to there Facebook pages to see what they like. Try to get info from family about there favourite chocolates and colors.

Then a mad dash to the mall with a head full of ideas, you find a frame that’s perfect then you don’t find a box for the frame. Find a smaller frame now the box has space for extra stuff. What do you add chocolates, candel, bath goodies One down two more to go. Next shop note book, pen, coloring book with positive quotes, more chocolates more bath stuff and candels.

Last box for a 17 year old teenage boy. I am stunnend because I thought something would catch my eye and I would be done. Well nothing popped up so I scramble to the health shop get some nuts, dried fruit, honey, energy bars and more chocolates.

Rush home pack the gift boxes, take photos send it to everyone that contributed. Now starts the second quesing, will a young man like a box of goodies? What does he really need? I cannot take away his pain, I cannot cheer for him  at his matric farewell like his mom would have done. I cannot cheer like his mom when he gets his driver license. I think of all the milestones were he will be longing for his mom. Will this box help or am I just soothing my own awkwardness about his mom’s passing.

Will his sister like the coloring book for adults? Will it be paged trough and tossed aside? Will she light the coconut candel, will the aromo be something she likes? What will she wright in the notebook? Will she see the pen has a postive religious message? Will she use the showergel or will she think what was my aunt thinking?

What will my aunt think of the photo frame? Why does her box feel so empty?

I explored all they could say about the boxes. I gave myself a pat on the back, smelled the candels once more and now the gesture of goodwill is done.

The box will never fill the void they are feeling but for one minute they will be exited about the possibilities that box contain.

I love people’s reactions when they open a box. In my proffesion 99% of the time they smile. That smile I save to my memory bank for days when I feel helpless or confused.

Pack a box today, even if its only to see the puzzeld look onlookers have at the sight of the box. Pack a box because you love someone. Tomorrow might be to late.






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