The color for sport.


fb_img_1486523315626Morning from sunny South Africa.

I don’t think we can all agree on the color for sport because it’s about the team you support.

In South Africa we have 3 dominant sports Soccer, Cricket and Rugby. If I have to choose a favourite it would be rugby our national teams colors are green and g9ld and they are called Springboks.

The Springboks had a few glory years with the peak in 1995 when they won the Rugby world cup. They won the world cup once again in 2007.

I dont think in my life time will they win another world cup. The reason for this is bad coaches, quota sistems and money. Our best players are poached by France and England. We even have some players that play in Japan. The pride that players used to have playing for the national team, has been replaced by the color of money.

This week one of South Africa’s most famous scrumhalves, Joost van der Westhuizen died at the age of 45. What a courage guy he fought a motor neuron diseases for the last 7 years. He couldn’t walk for the last few years.

Saturday they will have a memorial for him at Loftus Versfeld stadion in Pretoria.  Loftus seats about 50 000 people and I think it will be packed.

Yesterday a call went out that we should all wear our green and gold rugby shirts. I got mine on and was surprised to see people all over in green and gold.

Before I leave I would also like to refer to one more rugby player Jhona Lomu the great all black, in 1995 World cup he was the most feared player and the Springboks had there work cut out to keep him from scoring. Jhona was a giant. He also passed away a few years ago I think he was only 41.

So today a big shout out to our sport players thank you guys for playing your hearts out and making us proud winning or losing.

The photo I share is Jhona and Joost.



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