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Happy Valentines day to all.

One of my favourite adult coloring books are in a tight spot about copyright. When I first heard about it I was in two minds. Yes the artist must be rewarded for time spend on creating the images. The people publishing it must be rewarded for the time they spend creating a book or magazines.

Now let’s take the VW combi  as an example a group of engineers created it. We bought it, drove it and took pictures of it. So today I am going to create a color pages with the VW as inspiration. I will use Pintrest, my quilting collection pages, photos from VW Hatfield Facebook, photos I took ect. How do I have to pay copyright VW Germany, VW Hatfield, the quilting books editor, Puntrest?

In today’s world having a brand new idea is nearly impossible. We are all copying. Our children are taught in schools  to copy info learn it and reproduce it word for word in a test.

We make a quilt, we might be using different fabric than the original but we copy the basic structure of the quilt. When we drive our cars don’t we copy what our instructor taught us? I use to be a nurse I did hundreds of wound dressings- I copied what the text book instructed or what the tutor instructed. I paid for all these things quilting books, driving lessons and education But its copying over and over again I am not bring something new to the party.

We are trained to copy and suddenly one artist are not happy with the amount he was paid for the copy that he made. Yes you read correct, he made a copy because he didn’t invent the image he just changed it a bit. I hope he is paying the original creator copyright.

If we look at copyright I think it’s not about copyright but about ego and money.

I wish I could say go out and create something new today. But that would be nearly impossible. So instead I will say, Go out create something beautiful. I will be creating my new color page with VW as inspiration. Happy painting friends



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